Apprentice Program

Multi-year program работа features several major areas of study including studio work, field work, and design work.

Become an Elite Artisan

Given that Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser has over a century of history and a reputable lineage of artisans, we have always been known as a training ground for elite artisans in stained glass. We offer an esteemed Master Apprenticeship Program in the field of stained glass. This historic program offers apprentices the opportunity to learn all aspects of the craft and art of stained glass.

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, Apprentice Program

Creation, Fabrication, and Restoration

, Apprentice Program

Studio Work

Multi-year Master Program features

, Apprentice Program

Field Work

Preservation, on-site repair, and installation of new art

, Apprentice Program

Design Work

Creation of small scale artwork used to fabricate stained glass windows

Comprehensive Education

In addition to the above study areas, apprentices complete outside coursework in areas such as Drawing, Computer Arts, and History. Additionally, apprentices are expected to take part in in-house classes. Upon successful completion, individuals are given journeyman status. As a certified journeyman, you will be able to perform the tasks of the trade within the field of stained glass and to supervise apprentices.

, Apprentice Program

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